Institute profile

Goša Institute LLC today successfully operates within the parent company Millennium Team LLC from
Goša Institute LLC operates in two locations:
·       Belgrade, 35 Milana Rakića Street where the company’s headquarters is
·       Smederevska Palanka, 202 Prvog Srpskog Ustanka Street
In the business world, the Goša Institute LLC is recognized for its welding related business and testing of
materials and welds in four accredited laboratories – mechanical metallographic, chemical, non-destructive
testing laboratory and metrology laboratory, which (regarding market requirements) is also a perspective for
further development of the Institute. References that we have so far achieved are the future base for further
development and business of the Goša Institute LLC. The Institute also has a significant place in the field of
education of human resources for the economy, and especially in areas of training of international engineers,
technologists and welding inspectors, but also one of most wanted professions – welders. Then in the field of
education of control personnel for examination non – destructive materials and welds (visual method, test
method magnets and penetrants and ultrasound method).
Goša Institute operates in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system and holds
accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories according to the SRPS ISO standard 17025: 2006. Since
2006, the Institute has been awarded the status of ATB personnel in welding) for training in accordance with
the International Institute for Welding for Training international welding engineers, technologists and
In addition, the accredited Certification Body for certification of welding personnel, namely welders, solders
and polymer welders. Goša Institute provides services to its target group in the economy that directly affect
the of quality products, the process of maintaining the technical system in terms of cost reduction, risk and
efficiency increase while raising reliability, making the client highly skilled multidisciplinary, flexible teams
comprised of employees of the Institute and their external associates with reliance on the capabilities of their
accredited laboratories and certified services. The Institute is constantly working to develop and enhance its
potential to become a leader in its field both in our country and the region, and it will undoubtedly
accomplish that with the support and synergy of the parent company Millennium Team LLC.