Mission, vision and strategy


Goša Institute’s mission is research and development of technologies and services for use in economy
which are in accordance with European standards, along with constant education of personnel for the
needs of science and industry in the fields of technical, technological and natural sciences, improving
scientific bases and enhancing the well-being of the community.
The determination of the Goša Institute is to provide its users with services of stable and recognizable
quality, with competent and professional appearance on the market, while simultaneously monitoring
and recognizing the demands of the economy and the challenges of science, and responding to


Goša Institute’s vision is:
·       to be a socially useful, responsible and profitable institute,
·       to be connected with European partners, to be competitive, and significantly influential in the
region, renowned as a reliable partner to domestic and foreign companies alike,
·       to become an internationally recognizable in its field,
·       to develop innovative technologies through high quality research and to implement them within
the industry,
·       to develop new research, education and innovation models in the domain of academic and
industrial research,
·       to promote high technologies on the national and international level and
·       to be in the company of the best.