Quality policy

Goša Institute LLC bases its business success on implementation, maintenance and constant
improvement of quality management system, which is compliant with requirements of SRPS ISO
9001:2015 standard, with the goal of offering high quality services, complete fulfillment of requests,
needs and expectations of users and other interested parties.
Starting from this ideal, Goša Institute’s goals regarding quality are as follows:
 Achieving the required quality of educational, professional and technical services, which
entirely fulfil the stated and implied user needs, with optimal use of all technical,
technological, human and other resources available.
 Ensuring and constantly improving the service quality based on complete implementation
of legal regulations and standards, with constant monitoring and implementation of new
knowledge which completely fulfils user requirements, needs and expectations.
 Quality management is conducted by the highest level of leadership of the Institute, and
the necessary service personnel is chosen based on professional competence for provision
of services in accordance with the established service specifications.
 Responsibilities and authorizations for fulfillment of quality goals, including the ones
necessary for realization of service requirements, are assigned in accordance with the
necessary means and methods for achieving the service quality with established
responsibility of every employee for tasks they complete, without the possibility of
transferring this responsibility onto another.
 Constant improvement of business relations with service suppliers and users.
 Dedication to environmental protection management, management of safety on the job,
and security of information for the purpose of recognising and assessing risk and taking
adequate measures to lower the level of risk in respect of environmental protection,
workplace safety and health protection and information and data protection.
 All employees of the Institute participate in the implementation of the Policy, also creating
an adequate workplace climate which encourages dedication to fulfilling client demands,
which is achieved through professional improvement, motivation and ensuring that all
employees feel that they are involved and affect the quality of service.
It is the responsibility of the management of all organisational levels to act in accordance
with this Policy, to interpret it to the employees and to ensure its implementation on all
levels. Quality Policy is occasionally reviewed and amended, when deemed necessary.

In Belgrade, April 5, 2017

Goša Institute LLC
general manager
(handwritten signature: Mirko Ličina)
Mirko Ličina, BSME