1956 – First units for organized product development through welding, research and control were launched in the
then Gosa enterprise in Smederevska Palanka and they are considered to be the forerunner of today’s Gosa
Institute LLC
1956 – By decision of the government of Socialist Republic of Serbia, Bureau for Education of Executives in
Commerce was established with the head seat in Belgrade, only to change its name ten years later into Institute
of work organization and business automation – Organomatik. Studies and elaborate carried out at the
Organomatik Institute were fully implemented. The aforementioned Bureau is a legal predecessor of the Institute
Gosa LLC.
1976 – SOUR Industrija Goša and its production units formed functions of joint interest, among which a
development unit called Institute Goša was created.
1978 – within SOUR Industrija Goša, RO Institute Goša was formed, as a separate workers’ organization, which
represents the second legal predecessor of Institute Goša LLC. Since its founding in 1978 as an independent unit,
Institute Goša worked exclusively for the needs of factories from the Goša business system. Its primary task was
to provide programme support to Goša business functions and specific services to production units that were part
of the Holding, and also to competently and expertly conduct itself on the market, following events and reacting
on changes in the surroundings.
1980 – Institute Goša from Smederevska Palnka merged with the Institute Organomatik from Belgrade to form
the science-research institution Goša Institute.
1995 – RO Institut Goša changed its name to social enterprise Institut Goša, and then it was founded and
registered at a competent court seated in Belgrade under the same name, but with organisation and form of a
limited liability company. With this conception, the Institut satisfied all the needs of the Goša system and
external clients until the late 1990s, that is, until the dissolution of the Goša system, since when Institut Goša
successfully attained its position as being independent on the market.
2005 – Institute Goša LLC of today, pursuant to laws was registered (transferred) to the Business Registers
Agency with a decision dated July 14, 2005.
2007 – Institute Goša LLC was accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the
Repubic of Serbia as a science-research institute for performing science-research activity of public interest in the
field of technical-technological sciences: chemistry, physical chemistry, mechanical science and electrical
2011 – The inactive Centre for promotion of new technologies was founded in Kladovo, as an organisational nit
of Institute Goša LLC.
2018 – The company Millennium Team acquired Goša Institute in 2018. Millennium Team has as its core
activity the construction of hydrotechnical facilities, infrastructure – roads, railroads, gas pipelines, steam
pipelines, special works, consulting and construction engineering. Considering the activity of Millennium Team,
the decision to acquire Institute Goša which performs science-research activities and development in the field of
natural and technical-technological sciences was a business one. The activity of the Institute Goša shall remain
the same, which is the obligation of Millennium Team per the Agreement, which is also the goal of the parent
company – to continue the development of the Company.