Institut Gosa

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The History of the Institute Gosa

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1956. - In former company Goša  had been formed the first units for organized product development, welding development, testing and controlling, which are the precursor of  nowadays Institute Goša, d.o.o.

1956. - By decision of the Government NR Serbia , had been established the Institute for education the management personnel in economy, with seating in Beograd, changing the name, 10 years later, into Institute for organization and automation of business “Organomatik”. Studies and elaborates which had been done in the Institute Organomatik, have experienced there fully implementation. The mentioned Institute represents the lawful precursor of the Institute Goša d.o.o.

1976. - SOUR Industry of Goša and its production units had formed the functions of collective interest, when was formed a development unit under the name Institute Goša

1978. - Within of the SOUR Industry Goša, RO Institute Goša was established as separately  working organization, which is the second lawful precursor of the Institute Goša d.o.o. Since its establishment, 1978.,the Institute Goša had been working exclusively, only for factories which are in system Goša. The main task was to give a program support to business functions and specific services to the production units in Holding constitution, but, also, to be at the market competitively and professionally, following the situation and  be ready to react at changes.

1980. - The Institute Goša  in Smederevska Palanka  had been integrated with the Institute “Organomatik” in  Beograd into  science-development institution Goša Institute

1995. - RO Institut Goša hd changed name into the social company Institute Goša and soon after that, under the same name but with organizational form as company with limited responsibility, registration  at the authorized law-court, with its seating in Beograd. In this type of  concept,  Institute had satisfied  the all needs of Goša system and exterior  users of services till the end  of 90est, e.g. till the decomponented of system Goša, since when the Institute Goša  has been successfully winning its position at the market, absolutely alone.

2005.godine - The Institute Goša, nowadays, according to the law rules, had been registered at the Agency for Economic Registers, by resolution dated  14th July 2005.

2007.godine - The Institute Goša is accredited  at the Ministry of Science and Technology Development of the Republic of Serbia, as the research-development Instituteof general interest in the field of technical sciences : chemistry, physical chemistry, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering .

2011. godine - U Kladovu je osnovan Centar za promociju novih tehnologija, kao organizaciona celina Instituta Goša d.o.o.


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